Bundled Refinance Rates

Comprehensive Coverage for Residential

Amount of Insurance to and Including Bundled Refinance Rate
$50,000 $525
$100,000 $575
$150,000 $625
$200,000 $675
$300,000 $775
$400,000 $875
$500,000 $975
$500,001 – 750,000 $1,025
$750,001 – $1,000,000 $1,375
$1,000,001 – $1,500,000 $1,975


Standard Bundled Loan Program – This program is for lenders that desire the efficiencies of a bundled product with the following endorsements (including the versions of ALTA 06 endorsements) and coverage’s, including a tax certificate or tax status letter, commitment vesting and all-inclusive rate:

Deletion of Standard Exceptions 1-4 (where no mechanic’s lien risk is present); Deletion of Standard Exceptions 1-3 (where mechanic’s lien risk is present); Endorsement ALTA 9-06 or 9.3-06/Form100 Restrictions; Endorsement Form ALTA 8.1-06 Environmental Protection Lien; Endorsement ALTA 4.1-06/Form 115.1 Condominium or ALTA 5.1-06/115.4 Planned Unit Development; Endorsement ALTA 4-06/Form 115.3 Condominium or ALTA 5-06/Form 115.2 Planned Unit Development; Endorsement ALTA 22-06/Form 116 Location; Endorsement ALTA 28-06/Form 103.1 Damage to or forced removal of improvements Endorsement Form 100.29 or Form 100.30 Mineral Rights; Endorsement ALTA 14.3-06 Future Advance – Reverse Mortgage with Construction Lien Coverage/Form 111.11 Revolving Line of Credit (Lender).

And any “one” of the following optional endorsements: Endorsement Form 111.9 FNMA Balloon; Endorsement ALTA 6-06/Form 110.7 Variable; Endorsement Form 110.9 Variable; Endorsement ALTA 6.2-06/Form 110.8 Negative Amortization.

Only an ALTA Short form Residential Loan Policy or the ALTA Loan Policy with the above referenced endorsements and extended coverage’s may be issued at no additional charge under this program. Any other endorsements or coverage’s shall be charged at the applicable rate set forth in the filed Rate Manual.

Note: This rate does not apply to construction loans and courier, recording fees and release fees are not included in these Rates. This rate also does not include closing fees. This rate does not include the manufactured housing endorsement and processing fees related to the manufactured housing endorsement (ALTA 7).